Building Regulations
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Traditional Windows Building Regulation Compliant

Heritage Guild are specialists in providing traditional windows and we have used our expertise to produce a range of designs that meet with modern building regulations.

We have fitted many of these windows to new build houses were the owners have insisted on the best of traditional designs but with all the benefits of a modern window.

Meeting Building Regulation with traditional windows - Document L Compliance

  • These windows are double-glazed and meet the stringent heat transfer specification that the building regulations call for.
  • Our unique cosy-glide draught insulation system ensures that our windows are easy to open and virtually draught free.
  • Design of the windows has been kept as close to the traditional design as possible and from both inside and outside are virtually indistinguishable from a completely traditional window, so owners of houses that are not listed or in conservation areas no longer need to compromise on style.

Custom Design Service or our standard designs

  • We offer a comprehensive design and advice service were we will talk with you and come up with bespoke designs to your specification, or we can offer standard designs for our replacement windows based on years of experience.
  • Our local knowledge of architecture allows us to provide a window that best suits the traditions of the area preserving local heritage.

Minimising disruption during fitting

  • Our trained fitters will ensure that the process of fitting the windows is a stress free as possible.
  • During installation our fitters will treat your home with respect and minimise any dust and noise that could occur.

Quality windows with a comprehensive Guarantee

The quality of materials that we use for our windows and our top quality craftsmanship means that all our designs come with a comprehensive guarantee of craftsmanship, quality and durability.